Saturday, August 20, 2011

Custom Project

Happy weekend!! I love the weekends- not because I don't have to work (parenting is definitely 24/7) but because I have more help on the weekend which usually means more time to work on furniture!
So this weekend I am working on a custom project for a client using a piece that I currently have. They wanted a multi-functional craft/storage unit that will fit in with their dining room furniture. I actually bought two of these matching stands. Here it is before.... (blah!). They even had one knob that was different?!

I already refinished one in black with gray glaze. Still not sure about it- just doesn't seem quite right. Anyway, they came to see that one but decided it didn't fit with their colors. Instead, they want a cream base with a natural, stained wood top. Wellll, a bit of a problem there. The wood on this isn't quality. It's a sturdy piece but not one that can be stripped and stained. As a side note- when looking for a good deal on your furniture- always look for a solid wood piece if possible (more on that later).

So I have been on an adventure to figure out a way to make a faux wood top. Let me rephrase: a GOOD faux wood top. I will reveal in a few days. I know you are on the edge of your seat in anticipation!

Enjoy your weekend...

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