Thursday, December 22, 2011

Crayon Monogram Tutorial

Hi! Happy Holidays!
Today I thought I would share a tutorial on the cute monogram crayola letter I did for my daughters' teachers. I first saw a picture of it on Pinterest and I'm proud to say that I actually DID one of the things I pinned. Now typically I just pin and admire, but this time I completed one of the cute little projects. The original Crayola monogram came from here. Great idea, but not a lot of instruction.

The pictures are not the was dark..and late...the night before Christmas break (ie. they had to take them to school the next morning).

Supplies Needed (for 1 monogram):
 - 2 packs of crayons (24 ct so you can get several reds, oranges, etc..)
 - 8 x 10 or 8 1/2 x 11 frame (with stand, if you choose)
 - Scrapbook paper
 - Small letter stamps & ink pad
 - Hot glue gun & knife or boxcutter

On to the tutorial...
I bought two frames (on sale, of course) from Michael's, as well as some creamy white scrapbook paper. I removed the glass and picture that came in the frame. Since the crayons are rather heavy I needed the paper to be heavy as well. So when looking at the frame, I decided to mod podge the scrapbook paper to the cardboard back (the piece that has the stand). It wasn't intentional at the time but it was nice to get a frame with a stand. That way they can choose to hang it or set it on a desk or table using the stand.
I attempted to print out the initial that I needed on a piece of paper but I couldn't get the font wide enough to look right so I got frustrated and gave up on that. Instead I laid out a row of crayons using the rainbow order (ROYGBV) know, 'roy-g-biv' like we learned in school, the length I thought looked appropriate. You can see the 'R' I printed out on the paper underneath but I didn't follow that because it was too narrow as I mentioned.
As you can see in the picture, I made the first two and last two crayons go out to the left a bit more. Now, how to cut the crayons. Put your patience hat on for this one. I used the picture that I had from pinterest as a guide when I decided where to cut. The 1st and 13th (in my case) crayon are full length, the 2nd and 3rd from the top and bottom taper in, and the rest are all the same length (they were cut right after the 'O' in Crayola). This side of the letter is rather easy to cut because you cut straight lines. Just score around the whole crayon and then snap off. Easy peasy. Make sure to keep the broken off ends near by. I found it easiest to keep them lined up off to the right so the order remained the same.

Now for the right, rounded side of the letter (depending on the letter you are doing). This was a bit of an experiment for me. First you will want to align the points of the crayons how you want them (remember, the extra length will be cut off of the left side of the crayon-you keep the tips for this part of the letter). The rounded part of the letter starts at the top and tapers outwards until you reach the middle of the rounded 'R' section, then tapers back in. I hope that makes sense. I then held them in place the drew the "inside" of the rounded 'R' where I wanted to cut them. Note: you will cut them at an angle; angled up and to the left on the top section and down and to the left on the bottom section (see first picture). Do the same with the lower, right section of the 'R'.
Now for the gluing. Ugh, the gluing. I started by putting a little hot glue on the side of the 2nd crayon and gluing to the first. Yep, one by one, I glued them together. You can always "eye ball it" or lightly mark where you want the first crayon on your scrapbook paper but I'm too anal to do that. So I glued all of the crayons together (on one side) and then carefully glued the whole thing on the paper. The first time (first teacher's) I gently flipped it over, applied hot glue to the back of the monogram, then flipped it onto the paper. Well that was frustrating. Hot glue is unforgiving unless you want to rip it off the paper and readjust (ripping the paper too). So you had better get it right the first time. I did ok-not great, but ok. The 2nd time, in my semi-delirious state at this point, I placed the monogram (before applying glue) where I wanted it and then "outlined" it in sticky notes.
I then removed the monogram, hot glued between the sticky notes right onto the paper and then placed the monogram on it. That worked better but still not great. You needn't ask..I was definitely thinking "there must be a better way (but I'm too tired to think of it)."

Ok, hard parts over. Now just stamp, write, paint,... a nice little saying on it. Personally, I picked up these tiny alphabet stamps (at an earlier date) in the craft aisle at Wal-mart for a $1 per set. I just knew they would come in handy!

Use whatever message you like, put it in frame and voila, finished!
I'm fairly happy with the end product. I'm a little obsessive compulsive (read: anal) so I was a little disappointed with the round parts of my letters, however, the second time I did it (the "P") went a little better than the first. Live and learn I suppose.

Well, I hope their teachers like them and that you enjoy them too.
Until next time,

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  1. Hi! What font did you use for this letter? I'm having a hard time finding the right one :)