Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hand Painted Detail

So I must say, I'm having a fabulous time at my first show. It's so gratifying when others like your stuff. It would be even more fabulous if I could sell some of the large furniture but I think it will come with time. As of now, I'm just happy to get my name out there and to meet so many fabulous people.
Chair Seat

I have several signs and painted furniture pieces at the show and it has been interesting to hear the surprise when people learn that they are hand painted. First, I need to clear up that I typically get the graphic from somewhere in blogland (mostly The Graphics Fairy because she is amazing and it's free). I then use my overhead projector (old school, I know) to project the image on my surface of choice. From there it is all hand done. Tedious? Yes. But I love it and I just get so much more satisfaction out of it than a stick on image (although I've seen many nice ones).

So, if you were wondering.... it is hand painted... and I probably cursed and mumbled while painting it, but when it's through I (nearly) always think it was worth it. I hope that others appreciate it too.
I hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend,

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