Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Grain Sack Pillow

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving!

I AM still alive, believe it or not. So, in my previous post I talked about doing my first show and mentioned that I wasn't very stressed or worried about getting things done. Well, that changed in a hurry! About the middle of last week I went into panic mode, other wise known as "don't go near mom/wife" mode. Ha! In all seriousness, I'm feeling pretty good now but still have a ways to go. Along the way I have also realized that what I intended to be a once a day, or every few days blog, hasn't really worked out that way. I'm still trying to decide what is appropriate and fitting for my life versus what will keep people interested and coming back. It's all such a balancing act and I certainly don't have it mastered yet.

On to the good stuff. I have been working on several of the key pieces for my booth which include a farm house table (built from scratch), a sheet music dresser and a hutch. I will definitely be posting those soon! In between the large projects I have been attempting to get all the "chum" together. (Chum=all the accessories to "pretty up" the booth. My husband and I were watching a reality show on flea markets once and that's what they called it. I had never heard it called that before but I thought it was funny.) Today's post is part of my chum.

Last year I bought a few grain sacks at a sale but wasn't sure what to do with them. Last week while digging through all of my crap valuable finds, I caught them out of the corner of my eye and decided they would be cute pillows! This one is from a place in Independence, Iowa ~ pretty cool. The letters are really faded so I apologize, the pictures stink. In person it is more legible.

On to the how to...
*Choose a pillow form. I bought a 14 x 14 pillow form at Joann's Fabric.

*Then cut the grain sack (it was pillow case shaped) to remove the back half. Laying the sack with letters up, measure the middle (side to side & up and down) and centered it on the pillow form (put the sack on top of the pillow). From there, leave an extra 1 inch on each side so you have room to sew. You can always trim excess later.

*Cut the sack to the size you need (allowing the 1 extra inch). You will also want to cut the same size piece for the backside of the pillow (we used the plain, backside of the grain sack).
*Important: flip the two grain sack pieces over to their backside (upside down, facing each other) and make sure the edges (of the 2 pieces) are evenly lined up. The picture/words should be on the inside  (inside out) when you sew it. You only want to sew around three sides. Otherwise you will have sewn it shut and can no longer stuff your pillow in..swear words will follow...yada, yada, yada.

*Sew around the three sides (my wonderful seamstress mother did it, although this is a really easy sew job), leaving the bottom or top open. Turn the grain sack "shell" right side up-now it should look like the pillow you want (before the pillow is in it). Stuff your pillow in, and then hand sew the remaining edge shut. Hand sewing it will give the cleanest final look.

In the case of this pillow, we thought it would be cute to have the four corners look a little different. So we cut the corners wider initially so that a long tail was left, and then when we (by 'we,' I mean my mom) sewed it we didn't sew the corners shut. After putting the pillow form in we tied the four corners in a knot. My mom did the planning on that piece of it, so I can't take credit. As I may have mentioned before, I was in panic mode and not interested in such details, but thank goodness she was.

That's it! Cute little pillow with minimal work.
Looking back, this was rather long winded. I apologize for that but what did you expect when I haven't blogged for a week?
Have a great turkey day with your family!
Until next time....

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