Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Photography & Photoshop Learning Curve

When I first started painting furniture I had no idea that it would lead to a blog, and then that the blog would necessitate learning about photography, cameras, picture editing,.... the list goes on. Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE to learn new things but a little tidbit about me - I have this need to know everything right now. For some reason my mind does not accept that there is a learning curve. Nope- just the requirement to be an expert. At everything. Not so much that I know more than others, just that I have to be perfect at it before I think it's good enough. So how's that workin' out? Well... not so good, but I'm working on it.

We celebrated my middle daughter's 8th birthday last weekend and of course I took some pictures. I thought I would share some of the 'before' photoshop pictures and the 'after.' I still have much to learn. I don't quite have the eye for it yet. I can tell when an original picture is too dark but I still struggle with how much to lighten it, when to soften, when to sharpen, etc.. (Just a note so you don't think I'm a horrible & crazy parent: we usually do not allow them to wear makeup like this but we had a "Rocker Girl" themed party where they got their hair, nails and makeup done)

Birthday Girl
The first picture was ok but seemed a little dull and lifeless.

The hubs & our youngest
In the 'after' I should have tried to sharpen it even more. It's too blurry looking, and too dark but I love the timelessness that a black and white gives.

Our oldest, pretending to be a super model/rock star.
The bright light from below was actually the light streaming in from the kitchen window. My nieces were up on the counter trying to block it but I kind of like it. It's looks fun to me (professional photographers would likely disagree!). The only thing I changed in the 'after' was that I removed the outlet & lightened the overall picture just a little. Did you notice the outlet?

My youngest insisting on trying to do her own makeup.
I changed it to black and white and lightened it a little.
(Don't mind the horrid upholstery on the seat-it's in line for a change once we decide on fabric)

Finally, the birthday girl again. She was opening presents in this one.
In the second picture I changed the coloring up using free action sets from The Pioneer Woman. She has some wonderful photography lessons on her blog (and recipes, home schooling tips, home & gardening tips..she's basically wonder woman!!)

So those are some of my attempts at Photoshop. I'm looking to purchase a new camera as well but have a lot more research to do before making the move. I want something that I can grow into (so I don't want to buy another one a year from now), but don't want to overbuy. I'll keep you posted on what I decide.

Have a great week, and feel free to share your photography successes, mishaps or any other little tidbits you would like.

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