Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Follow Me...

Hi there!
So I thought that some of you that may not be veterans to the blogging world might wonder what the "Follow Me" button entails. Are you signing away your first born? Will you receive text, facebook and email messages three times a day? Oh my gosh, what will happen!?!?! No way am I touching that button!

Take a deep breath. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Ahhhh.... that's better.
Ok now, there are two ways that you can follow a blog, depending on what they are offering. One is "Follow by Email" and the other is to "Follow Me," through Blogger.

Say what? So anyone who has a blog has the option to offer their readers a follow by email option, follow through blogger option or both. AND they have the option of "naming" them something different. For instance, I called my follow button through blogger "Follow Me." Now, what's the difference?
  • Blogger "Follow Me" allows you to bookmark my (or other) blogs, if you will. You can use a current twitter or google account to sign in and see the updates as you see fit (1x a year, 1x a day, whatever..)
  • "Follow by email" means that you will be sent an email anytime there is a new blog post
I personally like the "follow me" (Blogger) version because then I can control if and when I look at the blogs I like. But by all means, if you prefer email then follow a blog via email (too). However, keep in mind that you can always remove yourself from either at any time. Oh, thank goodness... (I know you are thinking it!)

So I hope that you are confident and comfortable to "follow me" in the future. Check out some of the blogs I follow as well (which are listed in the sidebar at the right).

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