Friday, October 14, 2011

To Keep or Not to Keep

This is often the question.
When I purchase pieces to refinish of course I choose things I like, some more than others, but 
when they are finished there is often the question as to whether I should keep it or send it to a new home.
Such was (ok-still is) the case with this bedroom set.
Bare with me- I'm not sure who took these before pictures. Obviously someone 
with serious sleep deprivation.

Yuk-I don't know if the pictures or the original finish are worse.
I couldn't resist the familiar pull of Heirloom White spray paint on these, but also decided on some distressing and antiquing with Ralph Lauren's Tea Stain glaze. I wanted the handles to pop a bit more than what they were in the present state so I sprayed them with my other go-to, Oil Rubbed Bronze (or ORB as known in the blogger world).

 I don't love the mirror on it, as is, but I think it would be cute hanging on the wall above the dresser- and perhaps the other direction.

So now, do I put these in my youngest daughter's room, which I am currently making over? Grandma says 'Yes!' but then again, my lovely mother thinks I should keep everything I finish. Oh mom, thanks for your support. I may need it when I'm on an episode of hoarding...


  1. If you dont keepthese, please call me. I would love to have them in my daughters room.Barb 515-865-4000

  2. @barbarag I certainly will do that. I'm currently using them in my daughters room but I'm not loving it. I love the dressers but I recently decorated in bright whites in her room so I'm not sure I will keep the antiqued look in there.
    Thanks for visiting!