Friday, October 7, 2011


Happy Friday!
This week seems to be dominated by photography tutorials in the blogger world, forcing encouraging me to focus on my photography skills (or lack thereof). I don't know about you, but as a point and shoot kinda gal, it has been quite a transition to learn all the in's and out's of a digital camera and I gotta admit (as if it isn't obvious)...I still have a long way to go.

With all that inspiration, I decided to take my digital camera outside and just see what happened on different settings. My pretty little assistant (aka my youngest) agreed to be my subject, as if she had a choice.
 She is actually standing against the glass, front door and the tree & street are reflecting off of it.
 I wish I could say she got those lashes from me!
 Oh, the faces..

I don't care for the coloring on this one but I just repainted this chair for a photographer friend and LOVE the bright blue (see the chair 'before' on the picture above)

I used Picnik to play with the effects on these pictures. I'm hoping to purchase Photoshop soon but just haven't gotten there yet, not to mention I will have to give up an arm, and possibly a leg to get it. 

It was fun to try different things but I still don't have the different settings down and I really need to get experience working with aperature and shutter speed. I saw a great tutorial series on The Pioneer Woman. Her blog is just all around amazing, and as you will see, she knows how to work a camera!

So what photography successes and challenges have you had?

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