Sunday, October 2, 2011

Paint Sprayer Goodness

Let me introduce you to my new best friend....
Let me tell you how our story began. Earlier this summer I agreed to paint my mom's house, thinking I could save her the money of hiring a contractor. That being said, the summer was either really hot or really wet, only allowing me to finish the front (and the easiest) part of the house. Silly me- I did this with a brush. Yes, by hand, with a brush. Painful! I just couldn't see painting the sides (which slope downhill in a major way) and the back (a two-story with a walk out basement = 3 stories) on a ladder, with a brush.

So, instead, I decided to try out the sprayer that my mom has had on the top shelf in the garage for the past 2 years. WHY on earth didn't I do this before!?! Not only that, my little brother has the same one so he agreed to come down and we could both paint at the same time. Woo hoo! It took us two weekends but we got her done. (Well, sort of- I still have to paint the trim)

We used the Wagner Spray Tech 0151500 for painting the house. It made the job so easy and much, much quicker. The only downfalls were that when the paint started getting on the low side (not empty) it would spit and spray in globs until you added more paint and the filter wouldn't allow our paint (quality stuff from Sherwin Williams) to go through the tubing so we had to water it down. The other downfall- cleaning it took awhile. So, I think I may look into some other styles for furniture painting. Ones that are quicker to clean and don't have a huge canister/tub. Overall though, it was great and I'm pretty sure that I will never, ever paint a house 'by hand' again. nice to have that "little" task done, but perhaps even more importantly, I made a new friend and I think (s)he is going to make my life MUCH easier.

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